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Welcome to my world!

“We were completely alone, freezing our butts off, staring up at a HUGE sky of stars. All around us the ground outside the fence fell away into the abyss. So much blackness it made the universe above seem bright with the thousands and thousands of twinkling stars. There was not much to do, we had timed it well: Time to find a location. Time to set up. There was no rush. The downside being that we had to wait a while…. and it was cold. It was very cold. Well, ok, not arctic cold, but certainly colder than I had prepped for!”


More on that story in a little bit. Greetings! Welcome to my… Blog? I think this is what we call it.

My name is M. Owen Barry. It seemed that, while living through the Corona Virus quarantine at home, it would be a good time to start blogging. Getting a chance to discuss ideas, images and other thoughts about my work. But don’t hold me to that. The world is always changing, who knows where this will take us?

As far back as I can remember, I have been traipsing through the woods. From a youngster who walked on what we, as children, named the “Appalachian Trail,” a path that meandered through the woods behind our house, to bird watching trips in swampland nature centers with my father. Then as an adult, from camping in the Adirondack Mountains, to hikes up Mt Monadnock in southern New Hampshire; to exploring waterfalls in Massachusetts and chasing the sunrise in Maine or along the Connecticut shoreline; to the Arctic Circle of Norway, to the Grand Canyon… with me came my camera.

In all these trips, my love for the outdoors grew with each breath of fresh air. Along with this affection came an ever growing understanding of our natural connection with the world around us… the forests, the hills, the quiet beaches and even our gardens. Each trip -- each moment, brings a sense of calm. A sense of wonder about time and scale. It bathes you with fresh air, tickles your senses and allows you to accept the moment. 

The serenity of the outdoors is the antithesis of chaos. Accept the moment and let go of everything else. Nature will do the rest. As my friend and hero John Muir once said: “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”

It is this sense of wonder, this sense of calm, this sense of happiness that floods the soul. I hope and try to capture this with my work. In the absence of being there, it is my hope to bring a little bit of it to your home. So in quiet moments, when that sense of calm is needed in our busy and chaotic lives, it is my hope that one of my images can perhaps, if even for a moment, help you relive the emotions that only Mother Nature can provide. 


  • Awesome blog post!

  • Great blog post. love it!

  • Let’s take a hike some time! When this is all over and the world is better than it was before.🙂

    Lizz Otto

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