Bio of M. Owen Barry

Matthew "Owen" Barry grew up in a small town in Western Connecticut where he spent many days traveling the local forests with his father, bird watching and appreciating nature. Often times with a camera at hand. As he grew, he became intrigued with the visual image and started painting.  Later he discovered theater and put his love of the visual image to work. He earned his Master Degree in Scenic Design from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, and spends a lot of his time working on computers to afford his photography and hiking habit. The work presented here is the accumulation of many adventures into the woods, travels through gardens, and a general view of the world he lives in.


Here are examples of how we offer our images:

This is an example of a matted picture. The mat is available in black or white, and is available only for one size picture at the moment. But if you would like a different size, don't hesitate to contact us, and we will see what we can whip up for you! 


This picture was done on metal. It is hard to show how cool this is this being "a picture of a picture," but the metal version is striking. It is crisp and clean, and Vibrant!  All of my images would look nice as a metal print, but some pictures are stand out strong and bold.  This is also great to enhance that contemporary look for your home. The image above, shown as a matted print, looks especially striking when done on a metal! 


And finally, this picture below is printed on canvas, and wrapped on stretchers like a painting. Canvas pictures bring a texture and a depth to the pictures, that no other finish can do. The are very distinguished looking. Many of my landscapes seem to come to life and this is my personal favorite medium for my work.