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My name is Matthew Owen Barry, and welcome to my Web store!

Have you ever spent time enjoying the great outdoors? It seems like a very important part of our lives, and yet, the time we get to spend there seems less and less these days.  Do you find yourself daydreaming about those small moments on a path, wide vistas from a hill top, or perhaps a colored leaf you happened by last Saturday on that day hike with the kids?

I have been bringing my camera along with me on my travels into the woods for as far back as I can remember, a hobby at first. Finally, I thought perhaps I can bring to you a small part of that natural world, that place we all yearn to go if only time would allow. Something you can see in the comfort of your own home to help facilitate those daydreams of the natural world.  There are many more that will be added as time goes by, both older images and new ones.  Stop by often... it’s a big world, let’s see what’s next!  Feel free to browse the Gallery or search the many collections!

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If you're looking for a photographer who can turn your visions into timeless masterpieces, Owen is the artist you need. Thank you, Owen, for your outstanding work and for giving me a collection of photographs that I will treasure for a lifetime."

Sandra Leo

Owen's professionalism and passion for his craft were evident. He took the time to understand my vision and preferences, ensuring that every shot reflected my personality and the atmosphere I wanted to convey.

Lucas Max

I highly recommend Owen to anyone seeking a photographer who not only possesses technical brilliance but also has the unique talent to connect with his subjects. His ability to capture the essence of a moment is unparalleled, and the passion he brings to his work is truly inspiring.

Williams Mia